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If handicapping alone was the complete answer, then all horseplayers would probably be rich, but handicapping alone is NOT the answer. Money management must be joined to other handicapping skills for a winning combination. Capital requirements are just another factor brought about by the aims, needs, and goals of the individual  horse player. If you are looking for the Holy Grail to handicapping horses please take a few minutes to read this horse racing article and valuable information.

Horse Racing System Sellers have been around for over a hundred years.  Most of these sellers operate either out of California or New York.  Generally, they sell "fantasy", and most of the material they published is very poorly researched.  In this day and age of horse racing databases, a good computer programmer can test horse racing systems on thousands of races and prove their true value, unfortunately  most  systems fail to turn a profit. 

Online Horse Racing Services.  In the last ten years or so, many new horse racing services have come online, which "crunch" handicapping factors like speed numbers, pace and class figures.  These services provide various types of ratings that handicappers use to determine their top-rated horses.     The problem with most of these services is that they offer numerous types of data analyses that cause many subscribers to switch back and forth between what is winning at the time, so ultimately they are unable to make a profit, as they do not follow a disciplined approach to handicapping horses.

Software programmer's have teamed up with horse racing publishers in recent years to write some fancy horse racing computer programs that look very impressive, sorting various factors which produce top rated horses according to some predetermined formulas;  while these programs do pick winners; very few of these "highly pitched" software programs produce a long term profit. -- Remember past performance data only show what a horse has done up to today; it may not take into account trainer intent or other handicapping factors. 

We are often asked which is the best approach for handicapping horses and of course, we have to decline answering this question. The reason being, each individual's "psychological profile" is different. Some players get uptight if they do not get a winner every other play. Others have little or no patience and absolutely NO personal discipline. It takes time planning and research to be a successful horse player, and one must  take advantage of every opportunity that exists, and even create new ways to deal with changing factors that take place in horse racing. So when it comes to handicapping horses, there's no such thing as one handicapping approach that fits all horse players.

The terms "manipulate and maneuver " are commonly used to describe a strategy that may constitute a "build-up" program; and although they refer to practices that are perfectly legitimate  and within the letter and intent of the rules of horse racing.  Should a trainer race a horse one or more times under unsuitable conditions and the horse shows a poor performance; the betting public is usually weaned away from betting it again.  Such races make up a "build-up" program. Then, when a horse is finally entered under suitable conditions, the public will generally give it much less betting support at the mutual windows; and, its odds will, therefore, be proportionately higher than its  true winning chances.

Generally speaking horses sent out to "win" are also bet by connections to the stable. The authors personal approach to handicapping horses is based on the theory that horse racing is  a "controlled  sport" and no amount of handicapping can determine a trainer's true intent when a horse is entered in a race. The author has been highly successful incorporating live betting action into his handicapping analysis.                           

                                              Horse Racing Trainer Reports

Our smart money tracker trainer reports have been published online for over fifteen years they have been refined over the years and track certain types of horse trainers with betting action figures; these reports are an excellent handicapping tool that can be coupled with various types handicapping approaches. With the advent of internet and legal online horse racing wagering plus live online toteboard wagering odds the author has found some very profitable spot plays by handicapping horses and live tote board betting patterns. The good news  you will have FREE lifetime access to our smart money tracker trainer reports when you order our any of our publications.

The information age' is upon us, and if you're not up to what is going on out there, you'll be left behind. No where is this truer than in thoroughbred horse racing, where informed players reap the rewards for making the right decisions. The author believes in wagering with an edge, managing risk, being consistent, and keeping it simple. 

                                 Analyzing  Professional Betting Action   Tote Board Analysis

Tote Board


This book will teach you how to read live tote board figures quickly as never before. Learn the secrets of handicapping winning horses via live tote board wagering patterns and key horse betting odds trends.

These advanced tote board betting strategies will lead the avid player to a higher level of profitability. This material is based on more than three decades of research analysis. This book focuses on quick and effective methods of analyzing tote board figures without having to scrutinize every flash of the tote board. It examines track betting profiles, key odds changes, drop downs, and betting pools. This research book explains what real value betting is, and how it translates into the betting odds. This book also contains some of our original, unique research material and horse systems tips that have proven successful for many horse players over the years.

Many methods have been offered on tote board betting action. Most fail because a horse bet down in the odds means nothing by itself. It is whether the drop is caused by the public or by real inside professionals that counts.

A 30-year study to profit by the right type of live tote board betting action figures is what this book represents.   If you want to save time, money research, and now get a competitive edge, this is the right book for you, or any serious horseplayer. This book will quickly pay for itself, so send in your order today!

This book is first class professional material and well worth the price.

Listed below are some of the subjects covered in this comprehensive horse racing research manual:

*  Spotting Win Action’ on the Chalk - An easy way to determine if the ‘smart’ money is in play.  Horses showing this action win at a much higher rate than your average favorite.

The Zap-Rap Pattern - A key tote board pattern that can tune you in to tons of future winners!  This is a premier money making approach!

*  The Baseline’ Method of Tote Board Analysis - The most thorough and  complete betting-action analysis known to mankind!  Learn this, and there's not a whole lot more you’ll need to know!  A tried-and-true tote board methodology, following the stable money.

*   Establishing a Betting ‘Profile’ for Any Track is the most ‘sophisticated’ method you’ll ever see! A neat little formula that will show you how the money ‘moves’, and how to capitalize on this information!

*   Scratches - How to properly adjust the odds on all horses that have been scratched. You won’t find this information anywhere else.

*   Adjusting Speed and Pace Numbers to Work for You!  Here’s an easy way to modify Beyer Speed Figures (software not required) to make them more accurate and profitable.

*    Learn the eight key factors that are present in 90% of all handicapping systems; based on an analysis of 250 horse racing systems.  A real eye-opener.  Join the 2% that actually make money playing the horses

This book is one of the most comprehensive  books ever written on the subject of tote board analysis. This book is all you need to pick winning horses. You won't need to purchase any costly software or expensive subscriptions.  The author of this book  is not out to make a "fast buck" in fact he donates all of the profits from the sale of this book to his favorite non-profit charitable organization. He has been actively engaged  in horse racing for over thirty five years. This book is a must-read for serious horseplayers.

 This printed edition will be mailed to you via the US Postal Service.

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