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Toteboard Analysis Guide
How to Bet Wager And Win !
Wagering Trends & Patterns

Tote Board Analysis & Value Betting   

This book will teach you how to read the tote board quickly as never before. Learn the secrets of handicapping winning horses via toteboard wagering patterns and key horse betting odds trends.   

These advanced toteboard betting strategies will lead the avid player to a higher level of profitability.  This material is based on more than three decades of research analysis. This book focuses on quick and effective methods of analyzing tote board action without having to scrutinize every flash of the tote board.  It examines track betting profiles, key odds changes, drop downs, and betting pools. This research book explains what real value betting is, and how it translates into the betting odds. This book also contains some of our original, unique research material and horse systems tips that has proven successful for many horse players over the years. 

Many methods have been offered on toteboard betting action. Most fail because a horse bet down in the odds means nothing by itself.  It is whether the drop is caused by the public or by real inside professionals that counts. 

A 30-year study to profit by the right type of betting action is what this book represents. - If you want to save time, money research, and now get a competitive edge, this is the right book for you, or any serious horseplayer. This book will quickly pay for itself, so send in your order today!  

This book is first class professional material and well worth the price.  

Listed below are some of the subjects covered in this comprehensive horse racing research manual:

*     Spotting ‘Win Action’ on the Chalk An easy way to determine if the ‘smart’ money is in play.  Horses showing this action win at a much higher rate than your average favorite.

*     The Zap-Rap Pattern A key toteboard pattern that can tune you in to tons of future winners!  This is a premier money making approach!

*     The ‘Baseline’ Method of Tote Board Analysis The most thorough and complete betting-action analysis known to mankind!  Learn this, and there’s not a whole lot more you’ll need to know!  A tried-and-true toteboard methodology, following the stable money.

*     Establishing a Betting ‘Profile’ for Any Track is the most ‘sophisticated’ method you’ll ever see! A neat little formula that will show you how the money ‘moves’, and how to capitalize on this information!

*     Scratches How to properly adjust the odds on all horses that have been scratched.  You won’t find this information anywhere else.

*     Adjusting Speed and Pace Numbers to Work for You! Here’s an easy way to modify Beyer Speed Figures (software not required) to make them more accurate and profitable.

*     Learn the eight key factors that are present in 90% of all handicapping systems; based on an analysis of 250 horse racing systems. A real eye-opener. Join the 2% that actually make money playing the horses.


This book is one of the most comprehensive books ever written on the subject of tote board analysis. This book is all you need to pick winning horses. You won't need to purchase any costly software or expensive subscriptions. This book is a must-read for serious horseplayers.



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Partial Contents:

Changing Factors · Trainer’s Intention · Pool Ratios · Bet Down Trends · Betting Profiles

Value Betting · "Zap Rap" Pattern · Odds Analyzer · Track Profiles · Cold Favorites

Linemaking Technique · Lasix Horses · Fixed Determiners · Positive Expectancy

Adjusting Scratches · Bucking Trends · Odds Charts · Baseline Analysis

Pace Analysis · Beyer Numbers · Systems Analysis · Speed Numbers

Race Analyses · Handicapping Angles · Higher Profits